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Custom Cars

All the custom cars I've made so far. Take a look
Last updated: October 24th, 1998


The downloads that I have.


Carmageddon screenshots


Links to other Carmageddon sites

CWA message board

The message board is used by many sites

Other Custom Cars

Custom cars by other people.


Brahma1 is a new artist, see his work here.

CharlieJ's cars

CharlieJ is one of the best artists, and I have his best cars here!

My Project

I'm working on a project. See it, and maybe you would like to help me!

My Newest Cars

Because my custom cars section is soooo crowded, i decided to make a new one. 2 new custom cars!


Hello, fellow Carmageddon player. On my site you will find anything you might need for this godly game. Feel free to explore my site and download anything you want. If you have any questions or comments just e-mail me. If you find any broken links please notify me so they can be fixed. If you just wanna be friens with me e-mail me. I know this site isn't much, but I just started on it. I can also be reached by AOL instant messages, my nick is CarmaBeast, and by ICQ, my UIN# is 19010532. Contact me anytime.

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